So true ♥️


So true ♥️

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Boom. Out. Magic moby strikes again.

That tongue tho

Alright kiddo. Time for a nap. Hopefully the magic moby does it’s job


Holy he does not look like a newborn any more :(

I KNOW. he’s gotten so big. He’s growing out of his NB clothes too. WAH.

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Positive c-section stories!




Please send me yours. Tell me what happens. Please, only positive things that will make me feel better, haha. 

I am so nervous. :(

After being the circulating nurse in many c-sections, i’ve seen many positive c-section. My favorite things is when we hold the baby next to the new mom for her to meet baby. You’ll do great, try not to worry, and take pain medication way before the pain becomes too much to handle. Good luck.

Thank you so much.

I had an unplanned section 7 weeks ago. Recovery was easy peasy and Ethan is a happy chunky monkey. Honestly, I think the recovery was a hell of a lot easier (and not as messy haha) than a vaginal would have been. I didn’t feel a thing when they started. The worst part was when the nurse blew a vain at the very beginning and that would have happened if I had had a normal delivery.

Good luck! It’ll all be okay! All that matters is your little gets here safe and sound, no matter how she gets here! ❤️ PM me if you want to talk!!!

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Snugs ❤️

Daddy and baby ❤️